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I’m Coveting Fresh Coral

Sephora: Fresh Sugar Coral Lip Treatment SPF 15: Lip Balms & Exfoliants.

Here’s the new shade of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. It’s listed on Sephora, but is not available quite yet. I currently use the original  Sugar and the Rose shades on a regular basis and I love these. I’ve also ordered the Passion (red), Honey (nude), and Plum shades last week from Sephora.

These lipbalms are moisturizing and comfortable on the lips, adding a bit of tint with the tinted shades. When they do wear off the lips, they don’t leave a strange residue behind. I’m a constant lip “masher”, resulting in colours not wearing for long and balls of pigment residue in over-pigmented lippies. Yuck. They are, on the flip side, pricey. The price on Sephora is $22.50 US, or $22.00 CA, but they are worth the price in my opinion.

There will be a post to follow of the different shades when I receive them all in the mail.


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