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Simply Ageless Corrector

Simply Ageless Corrector :: CoverGirl.

I have severe dark circles under my eyes, regardless of how rested I am. This is because of my eye shape and they are hereditary. Lately I have been using this CoverGirl corrector under my eyes beneath the CoverGirl Ageless Concealer. This product comes in a pot and is yellow with a creamy swirl of Olay in it. I’m not very impressed with this and I am trying to use it up before I replace it with another. A little of this does go a long way, but it can sink in fine lines and it does bubble a bit, leaving little spheres of pigment under my eyes. I normally prime beneath my eye are with the Loreal Magic Perfection Base, which does help a little. Even with the swirl of cream in the corrector, it can feel a bit dry. I will not repurchase this. Any suggestions on a replacement?


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  1. TheBalm’s Time Balm concealer has good properties for your eye area, but I find that it does settle in creases a bit because it is a cream concealer. I think your best bet would be to go for a liquid concealer, which doesn’t tend to sink into lines so much. I’m using Maybelline’s age-rewind duo highlighter/concealer right now but it’s been discontinued I think. If you’re looking for a drugstore brand I’ve heard good things about Cover Girl’s liquid concealer. Or you could try Clinique’s All About Eyes concealer, or MUFE’s liquid concealer for higher end brands 🙂 Check them out at your local Sephora or beauty counter!


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