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Bella Bamba Helps Me Feel Younger

This is a staple in my everyday makeup bag that I keep out on my desk for daily use. The bright pink of Benefit Cosmetics Bella Bamba adds a punch of colour to my cheeks, especially on those blah days. There is a hint of shimmer that adds a glow and a little life to my wintry sallow skin without making me look like a disco ball. This blush does have a scent, floral and sweet. It makes me feel young when open the top and swipe my brush across the top.

It’s well-pigmented and a little goes far on my warm light-medium skin. Another bonus is that it helps hide any red blemishes on my cheeks when my makeup is not enough to cover it.

I do have a complaint about the enclosed blush though. Like most enclosed brushes, it is of inferior quality. The bristles are scratchy and not as full as I would like. The short, wide handle of the brush is convenient to carry in the blush if I wish to put it in my purse, but I prefer to use my Eco-Tools blush brush when I use it.

Benefit Cosmetics makes beautiful blushes and I’m hooked, and I’m slowly picking them up one by one. This pretty one is available on Benefit’s website and Sephora for $28 US or $36 CA.


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  1. Wow scented blush! never heard of that before. Sounds awesome

  2. I should start investing on Benefit’s blushes. =)


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