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Fresh Sugar Coral is Now Available

Sephora emailed me this morning to let me know the Fresh Sugar lippie in Coral is now available to buy. Its going for $22.50 US or $23 CA. Mine is on it’s way. I love these lippies, they come in a large metal case and add a hint of colour to the lips while moisturizing lips.


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  1. theclassyanarchist

    I have only tried the original Fresh Sugar lip treatment, and I have always wanted to try the other colours. I’m just worried the colours will be too pigmented.. any feedback on this? I never wear lipstick, and rarely even wear any coloured lip gloss (my lips are extremely sensitive, but Fresh’s Sugar did not give my lips an allergic reaction :). I’ve looked at the Plum and Rose tubes and they look so intense – is it more of a tint when you apply it?

  2. It’s more of a sheer wash of colour than anything. They look really pigmented, but there’s just a hint of tint when applied. I do really like these, they’re not pigmented like lipstick. I’m hoping to post photos on Monday with them on my lips.


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