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I’ve been using this on my hair ends on the mornings I heat-style. My hair is super fine, oily, and fragile. I bobbed it a year ago and I’m trying to grow it back out beyond my shoulders. At this point of its growth, my hair hits my shoulders or gets pressed by my winter jacket into a 1960s flip that I absolutely hate. I can straighten or curl it all day to no avail, it flips back out in minutes. It drives me nuts and I can’t wait until this stage is over.

The Beauty Brains have an interesting post on the ingredients of Moroccanoil and the actual amount of argan oil it contains (not much). Cheaper versions are available and may be as effective, anyone know the brand names of these? All in all, I am satisfied with this product and I would repurchase if I can’t find another brand. It is expensive, but I use only a bit and a small bottle will last me months.


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  2. I have the absolute same problem with you! I cut my hair short a few years ago and finally decided to grow it back out… and it’s at the super annoying length where it keeps flipping at the wrong direction!

    I just got the Moroccan Oil last weekend so I am really excited to try it out!


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