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Yummy Sugarbomb

Benefit Cosmetics makes some of my favourite blushes. The smell of flowers wafts out each time I open the box, lifting my mood immediately. The pretty shades of peach, plum, pink, and rose bump up my sallow winter colouring and give my an in love glow. Sugarbomb’s pigmentation is good, though on my light-medium skin I do have to apply a little more than usual.

My main complaint is the included brush’s quality. It just sucks. The bristles are irritating and the colour can apply streaky. As soon as I receive Benefit’s blushes in the mail, I throw the brushes in a container and leave them there. I prefer my Eco-Tools blush brush because it picks up more product and distributes it more evenly on my cheeks.

I reach for this blushes when my face needs a perk up or my mood is low. The scent and glow it provides is irresistible in these winter months that never seem to end. It retails for $28 US on the Benefit Cosmetics website and Sephora. For us Canadians, the price is $36 CA on Sephora (ouch).


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