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By now, it’s no big secret that I adore Benefit’s boxed powders collection. Hervana is a swirl of peach, pink, rose and berry shades in the signature hinged box. The colours themselves are a well-blending mix of cool and warm tones.  On my winter sallow cheeks, it brings a gentle glow and subtle colour which is much-needed at this time of year (it was snowing again today). There is a subtle shimmer in this blush, but nothing that should scare away any shimmer-phobes.

Hervana does have Benefit’s usual boxed powder flowery scent, which I do love. After using these for a month or so, my sensitive skin has not freaked out about this so I don’t think the fragrance is potent enough to irritate the majority of people. I must confess that the scent helps perk me up early in the morning when the snow and wind make me want to cuddle up in bed with a good book on my Nook.

The box itself is has a small mirror in the lid, a magnetic closure, and has a brush that sits directly on the top of the blush. As per my usual complaints, the brush sucks. I toss it into my miscellaneous jar as soon as I open the box for the first time. I am also concerned with the brush banging around in the box and it damaging the blush. These are not cheap blushes, they’re now retailing for $28 US and $36 CA. I’m just not willing to risk it. 

Swatches to follow.


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  1. This is one of my favourite blusher at the moment =)


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