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March Luxebox

My March Luxe Box from Loose Button was waiting for me when we came back from Prince George. Luxe Box is a Canadian sample subscription I’ve been receiving for about 6 months. They are currently sold out, but you can add your name to the waiting list. I’m a big fan of these subscriptions, as a beauty junkie I love samples. As a beauty junkie living in the sticks, I love the variety they offer.

My March box contains a full-size 50 ml vial of Vera Wang Lovestruck, a full-size Cargo eyeshadow in the shade S + 70 Avenue Des Champs Elysee (shimmering pink and bronze), a 3.75 ml sample of OPI Top Coat, a 15 ml sample of Chi Silk Infusion for hair and skin, and a bonus flower seed sheet to celebrate the first year birthday of Luxe Box.

All in all, a good box. The Cargo eyeshadow comes in a nifty aluminum case, I love their blushes and have hit pan on it. The quality of the blush rocks, so I’m optimistic on this one. The shades are complimentary to my skin tone and I will actually wear these for day. I’m not that big of a fan of the OPI top coat and I prefer the Orly line, but I’ll still use this (perhaps for travel). The Lovestruck sample smells nice, it’s described as a “sparkling addictive floral”, but until I actually wear it it’s hard to tell how it reacts with my body chemistry. I’d better hurry, summer is coming and perfume up here is an invitation to the bees, wasps, hornets, and worst of all, the mosquitos. I’ll give the Chi Silk Infusion a whirl when I heat-style my hair. I’m wary of using this on my sensitive skin, I don’t want a reaction. I think it’s comparable to the Moroccan Oil that I use on the ends of my hair.

Luxe Box has rarely missed the mark with their boxes, and this is another hit in my  books.





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  1. I have the CHI Silk Infusion, but I don’t feel that there is any difference between it and Biosilk Silk Infusion. And despite my squinting at both bottles numerous times, I believe neither of them actually say they are heat protectant products, despite many people on YouTube claiming that they use it before hot tools!


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