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March Glossybox

My March Glossybox was in the mail today. Whee! I just love these things, and I just can’t get enough. Glossybox has a Canadian version of their boxes and they charge a monthly fee of $15 per box. Every month a survey is available to be filled out after testing the samples and Glossy Dots are awarded. Up to 100 dots can be earned per month and when 1000 dots have been accumulated, a Glossybox will be given to you for free.

In this months box I received a full-size 71 ml tube of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, a 43 gr can of Professional Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray, a 50 ml can of Evian Facial Spray, an 8 gr tube of Bailey Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry, a 4 gr pan of Pandora’s Box Blush in St. Tropez (pink), and a 15 ml sachet of Algemarin Original Foam Bath.

This box is a great introduction to Glossybox. I love Aveeno lotion and currently have 3 tubes of their products on the go. The Evian Spray is awesome in the summer. My office doesn’t have air-conditioning and on hot summer days it’s torturous; it’s so nice to spray this on your face to help cool yourself down without smearing your makeup. I haven’t tried Pandora’s Box cosmetics  or Bailey’s Cosmetics before and I’m interested in seeing the quality. Ditto for the hairspray.

The only somewhat miss was the foam bath. I normally avoid this stuff like the plague. Eczema and sensitive skin tend to freak out with fragranced bath products. Also, I don’t like to expose my nether regions to this stuff (even more of a sensitive area, detergents and fabric softener can be a chemical hell if I’m not careful). I think I’ll throw this in my stocking stuffer bag for Christmas or gift baskets.

Glossybox also included a 40% off coupon for Pandora’s Makeup Box for Glossybox clients.


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  1. Ooh swatch the Berry lip gloss sometime! 🙂


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