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Bad Gal Lash a Fail

Eyes > Benefit Cosmetics.

I received  samples of Bad Gal Lash in 2 of the Benefit makeup sets I ordered from Sephora and as well as a sample bonus from Sephora. The morning I gave this a whirl I thought it was a keeper in my everyday eye. My lashes are wimpy, like my hair and super-volumizing mascaras only make my lashes look clumpy. It just doesn’t work. I don’t have enough lashes to look natural with these. This mascara delivered perfectly. By lunch, my perfect lashes were flaking off and coating my dark circles, making them even darker. This mascara would probably work better for fuller lashes. Selling on Sephora for $19 CA for a 0.3 oz tube.


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  1. You should try lash extensions or using Latisse. If you don’t have brown eyes try using a natural alternative to Latisse like Lashfood while taking biotin supplements. I think I liked using Bad Gal lash and Dior before. Now I’ve been using Mally. 🙂

  2. You may want to try Buxom’s mascara.

  3. Oh, I hate the Bad Gal Lash! It smudges all kinds of darkness under my eyes.


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