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My April Glymm Box

My April Glymm Box arrived at the end of this week and inside was a 25 g sample bar from Lucia No 6 in  the scent Wild Ginger & Fresh  Fig (very strong scent), a sample 7.4 ml packet each of Free Your Mane Hydrating Shampoo and Daily Detangling Conditioner, a 1.2 ml  vial of Atelier Cologne in the scent of Orange Sanguine, and a 5 ml tube of Mai Couture Social Gloss in G’Vinity (pale nude). Also included was a NuMe $100 Gift Certificate.

The lipgloss is way too light for me, it’s actually several shades lighter than my natural lip tone. At best, I would use this to tone down a too-bright lipstick. The soap scares me with it’s too strong scent and the shampoo and conditioner are maybes.  The perfume sample tops the list with a scent that is a little heavy for my taste, but useable.

All in all, I must confess I am underwhelmed by this box. A rare miss from Glymm, but undoubtably another’s treasure somewhere.


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