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Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

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I received a sample of this in one of my earlier Glymm boxes and it quickly became an integral product in my beauty arsenal. The listing on states:

1. Powerful papaya enzymes break down dead skin cells to help progressively smooth your skin’s surface and uncover a healthy radiant glow.
2. Dermatologist-grade Microderm Crystals at 25%, work to stimulate and exfoliate your skin to help smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and blemishes. Many dermatologists use these same crystals for their microdermabrasion treatments.
3. Aloe vera, coconut, panthenol along with a mild cleansing gel keeps your skin hydrated and refreshed and helps soothe the skin during the exfoliation process.

I’ve been sparsely using my sample tube three times a week for about a month and am loving the results. My skin feels softer and smoother while also looking brighter and less sallow. It is gentle yet effective and didn’t irritate my irritable skin.

Brighten Up! can be found on Vasanti and Glymm for $34 CA.


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