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I started my day off with a bang today, dropping my Iphone into a public toilet (luckily an unused one). Unluckily, it seems to have fried it. It was at 9 am and I was just beginning my day at a conference. It’s now 10:30 pm and I just got back into my hotel room. Tomorrow is another full day at the conference and Monday is Victoria Day, which is a stat holiday when the Bell Mobility stores are closed. Tuesday, I will be back in sticksville with very little options. Crap. It’s also my own fault, I keep my phone in my back pocket where it has fallen out a hundred times IN THE BATHROOM! I hate it when I know better and still screw up.


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  1. givesgoodemail

    Truly a tale of woe. ;o)
    Actually, sorry that happened. I’ve done that twice (if you count the public urinal I managed to drop mine into).
    BTW, thanks for the “like” on my blog.


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