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A Chance of Showers Skirt

A Chance of Showers Skirt | Mod Retro Vintage Skirts |

A pretty one, the only drawback is the price is slightly higher than I am willing to pay at this time for a skirt. At $89.99 US, the cost has hit  the amount I’m comfortable paying for a dress at this time. It sucks, but my wardrobe is in low quantities and dire quality and I have to pay the piper for everything from underwear, casual, business, dress, and shoes. Bit by bit is working for me so far. I don’t want to go completely nuts and use credit, especially on something that I can easily sew at home and make duplicates for the same amount of money. I do like the silhouette and pattern of the fabric, this skirt has a retro vibe I really like.

Summer Colette Patterns

Colette Patterns released 3 new summer patterns this morning and I just couldn’t resist ordering them all.

To begin is a view of Hazel, one of the two sundresses. It is described as a beginner pattern with a v-seamed bodice with bias cut side panels. The skirt is a dirndl style with pockets. It is retailing for $18 US for the printed pattern and $14 US for the digital version on the Colette Patterns website.







Next is the second sundress, named Lily and described as a princess seamed sundress. The sewing level for this one is intermediate. The neckline and pockets have a flap detail, sewable in the same fabric or contrasting. The skirt is slim fitting and has a kickpleat. An invisible zipper closes up the back. This pattern is also retail for $18 US for the printed pattern or $14 US for the digital pattern.







The final pattern is a pair of shorts named Iris. These are described as a  beginner pattern, with front side seam pockets and a 4 1/2 inch inseam. A little short for me, but I figure I can add an inch or two to the length. These close with an invisible side zipper. The price for this pattern is $16 US for printed and $12 US for digital.

Upcoming New Colette Patterns

I’m excited. Really excited. Colette Patterns have announced that 3 new patterns will be released on Tuesday April 10. Very little details have been released, only the fact that the patterns will be comprised of 2 sundresses and 1 short pattern. I’ll be online Tuesday morning, anxiously awaiting the new releases. I can’t wait. For the first time, Colette Patterns will also be offering these patterns for purchase in a digital format. No pictures yet, I’ll update with details on Tuesday.

In other sewing news, my fabric for the Peony and Crepe patterns has come in. I had ordered red linen and red gingham from along with the notions needed. I haven’t prewashed yet, they came in days before Joyce was hospitalized. I’ve reprioritized projects, work, and school over these past few weeks due to Joyce’s death.

It’s No Secret

Colette Patterns.

I love Colette patterns. The patterns have a retro classic feel to them without being old-fashioned or costumed. I also appreciate the fact that there are quite a few beginner patterns: pants, skirt, tops, and dresses. The book I’ve pictured above has 2 dresses, a skirt, and 2 tops to make; escalating in skill and techniques as one works through the book.  I’m planning to make a good portion of my new wardrobe from a variety of Colette patterns, perfecting the fit as I go along. I’m a little larger on the top than I am on the bottom, and this can cause understandable fitting issues in off the rack clothing.

I haven’t gotten down to it and actually begun to sew again, but I am preparing myself. I learn best by reading everything I can on the subject, preparing myself, and then diving in. I’m drowning in sewing how-to books, patterns, drafting books, blogs, and books on everything from fabric to techniques to adjusting patterns to fit the body. Seriously, they’re stacked everywhere: my work office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, desk, and sewing room. I have my sewing room all equipped and waiting for me. I’m almost ready, I feel almost ready. Time to jump in. Next Wednesday is fabric day.

Next Project


Crepe by Colette Patterns.

I’m getting ready to head to my local fabric store to pick out my fabric for both the Crepe and the Peony patterns. While I do wear pants, I tend to wear them most often when I’m in a style rut or feeling a little down. I’m looking forward to some new dresses in a spring palette. I’ll probably select my favourite colour, red.


First Project

Peony by Colette Patterns.

I’m thinking this will be my first sewing project. I’m still waffling on colour and fabric choices. Anyone have any thoughts?

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