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Beauty Brains

I’m a fan of the Beauty Brains blog. Written by a group of beauty scientists “who understand what the chemicals used in cosmetics really do, how products are tested, and what all the advertising means”. Their stated purpose is to:

  • cut through the confusing, misleading and sometimes false information that the beauty companies bombard you with
  • explain cosmetic science to you in a way that’s entertaining and easy to understand
  • answers from a team of scientists who have no sales pitch and nothing for you to buy

(above taken and quoted from the Beauty Brains blog about page) I suggest everyone try them out with an open mind. It pays to be a little skeptical of all the buzz and advertising that companies do for their products. Much of the promises made are unrealistic and impossible when held up to scientific scrutiny. With the cost of cosmetics and skin care products being so high, it pays to have all possible information when selecting what to purchase.

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