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August Covets

It’s almost fall, a season I love for both makeup and fashion. My brown hair and eyes fall into the Autumn colours spectrum, rich reds and browns suit me best.


CLINIQUE Chubby Stick Moisturizing Cheek Colour Balm in Amp’d Up Apple

Chubby Stick Moisturizing Cheek Colour Balm – CLINIQUE | Sephora//

Described as “A creamy, mistake-proof cheek color that creates a healthy-looking glow in an instant.” on, it’s retailing for $24 Canadian. An oil-free cream brush in a stick form? I’m totally there. I love their Chubby Stick lippies.
CLINIQUE  Chubby Stick Moisturizing Cheek Colour Balm

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Bansar and Mondare.

Bansar on the left is described as a rose brown. Mondare on the left is described as a cranberry. Both are available on for $30 Canadian each.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil



Shimmer Sheet Set

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SEPHORA COLLECTION Shimmer Sheet Set: Shop Luminizer | Sephora.

Here’s a pretty and handy idea from Sephora, oil blotting sheets with blush and highlighters within. I use oil-blotting sheets at least once a day, and I find the idea intriguing. The rating is a little low at only 3/5 stars, so I’ll be watching to see if it goes up. I don’t usually buy something unless a product is at least 4 stars to avoid crappy products. This sheet set is selling for $19 CA on Sephora.

Coveting Bonne Mine

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Laura Mercier Bonne Mine – Healthy Glow For Face & Cheeks Crème Colour Palette : Shop Luminize.

This cheek palette from Laura Mercier is now near the top of my want list. Inside are 0.36 oz Bronzer Veil, 2 x 0.14 oz Cheek Veil, and 2 x 0.14 oz Glow Veil. At $60 CA on Sephora, Bonne Mine is a bit pricey but I’ve heard glowing reviews. The 4.8 rating out of 5 on Sephora sure doesn’t hurt either.

I received a phone call from the BCSPCA letting me know that I had won $2,500 CA in their lottery. A definite first time for me, I have never bought lottery tickets before. A pleasant surprise.


Cheeks > Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit Cosmetics’ Box of Powders are a particular favourite of mine. I’m well into collecting every available one. I love the smell, colours, shimmer, and colour payoff of these blushes and bronzers.

Dandelion was no exception. A pastel pink finishing powder that I use all over my face to brighten and lessen my current sallowness. Dandelion is “delicately spun with mauves and pinks” with a little bit of shimmer. The powder has it’s usual subtle flower scent, a favourite early morning perk up for me.

On Sephora for $28 US and $36 CA. A little pricey, but they are good colours and products.

Benefit Cosmetics Hervana

Box O’ Powder > Benefit Cosmetics.

By now, it’s no big secret that I adore Benefit’s boxed powders collection. Hervana is a swirl of peach, pink, rose and berry shades in the signature hinged box. The colours themselves are a well-blending mix of cool and warm tones.  On my winter sallow cheeks, it brings a gentle glow and subtle colour which is much-needed at this time of year (it was snowing again today). There is a subtle shimmer in this blush, but nothing that should scare away any shimmer-phobes.

Hervana does have Benefit’s usual boxed powder flowery scent, which I do love. After using these for a month or so, my sensitive skin has not freaked out about this so I don’t think the fragrance is potent enough to irritate the majority of people. I must confess that the scent helps perk me up early in the morning when the snow and wind make me want to cuddle up in bed with a good book on my Nook.

The box itself is has a small mirror in the lid, a magnetic closure, and has a brush that sits directly on the top of the blush. As per my usual complaints, the brush sucks. I toss it into my miscellaneous jar as soon as I open the box for the first time. I am also concerned with the brush banging around in the box and it damaging the blush. These are not cheap blushes, they’re now retailing for $28 US and $36 CA. I’m just not willing to risk it. 

Swatches to follow.

Bella Bamba Helps Me Feel Younger

This is a staple in my everyday makeup bag that I keep out on my desk for daily use. The bright pink of Benefit Cosmetics Bella Bamba adds a punch of colour to my cheeks, especially on those blah days. There is a hint of shimmer that adds a glow and a little life to my wintry sallow skin without making me look like a disco ball. This blush does have a scent, floral and sweet. It makes me feel young when open the top and swipe my brush across the top.

It’s well-pigmented and a little goes far on my warm light-medium skin. Another bonus is that it helps hide any red blemishes on my cheeks when my makeup is not enough to cover it.

I do have a complaint about the enclosed blush though. Like most enclosed brushes, it is of inferior quality. The bristles are scratchy and not as full as I would like. The short, wide handle of the brush is convenient to carry in the blush if I wish to put it in my purse, but I prefer to use my Eco-Tools blush brush when I use it.

Benefit Cosmetics makes beautiful blushes and I’m hooked, and I’m slowly picking them up one by one. This pretty one is available on Benefit’s website and Sephora for $28 US or $36 CA.

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