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It’s No Secret

Colette Patterns.

I love Colette patterns. The patterns have a retro classic feel to them without being old-fashioned or costumed. I also appreciate the fact that there are quite a few beginner patterns: pants, skirt, tops, and dresses. The book I’ve pictured above has 2 dresses, a skirt, and 2 tops to make; escalating in skill and techniques as one works through the book.  I’m planning to make a good portion of my new wardrobe from a variety of Colette patterns, perfecting the fit as I go along. I’m a little larger on the top than I am on the bottom, and this can cause understandable fitting issues in off the rack clothing.

I haven’t gotten down to it and actually begun to sew again, but I am preparing myself. I learn best by reading everything I can on the subject, preparing myself, and then diving in. I’m drowning in sewing how-to books, patterns, drafting books, blogs, and books on everything from fabric to techniques to adjusting patterns to fit the body. Seriously, they’re stacked everywhere: my work office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, desk, and sewing room. I have my sewing room all equipped and waiting for me. I’m almost ready, I feel almost ready. Time to jump in. Next Wednesday is fabric day.

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