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An Upcoming Covet

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This pretty frock is upcoming on Dress911. I think the back detail is what caught my attention, it’s open and pretty. My scary acne scars on my back from my teen years are finally fading and I’m beginning to feel comfortable with a partially open back. Any thoughts from anyone on whether or not a large busted woman can get away with draping around the chest area? I’m tempted to try. The belted waist and pleating will help me avoid the boxy look I hate with my current body type. If I’m not careful, I can look like a rectangle.

No price or sizes are listed until it becomes available in June.

(Snow again today, boo!)

Upcoming Coveting

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Since beginning blogging, I have re-discovered my preference for skirts and dresses. I am almost only buying these and am only buying the occasional pair of pants or shorts. I’ve decided to roll with it.

Here’s one I’m cyber-longing for on the Canadian webstore Dress911 (their description is “We adore indie-viduality!). At this stage, it’s called simply June/July and no price is listed but I’m in love. 1960’s fashion made for the 2010’s. The fabric, nipped in waist and collar in a contrasting colour, and silhouette are covet-worthy.


I’m waffling on whether or not to add this dress to my wardrobe. I like the cut and colour, but I’m unsure about the fabric which consists of 70% polyester, 27% rayon, and 3% spandex. Any thoughts?

The Blue Lagoon Dress is on Dress911 for $52.95 CA.

Blue Chapel

I fell in love with this dress while browsing the Dress911. A beautiful blue, early 80’s feel, and white crochet detail just screamed me. Unfortunately, the size issue again, the chest is too small. Boo.

On Dress911 for $49.94 CA.

If only…

Pretty, eh? The Fifi Dress in Blue Gazebo, $88.95 CA on Dress911. I would be totally wearing this to my cousin’s wedding… if only… The sizes on this dress range from the small to extra-large and only the small is available.

I’m more than a little top-heavy but I love the ’60’s vibe, cut of the dress, and the colour. The small darts under the bust would probably help me look more balanced chest-wise. I’m always surprised what discrete tucking and darts can do to help me look less large-busted.

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