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My current favourite mascara has to be the Lise Watier 24 Hrs Glam Mascara. The brush is a perfect shape for my fine lashes and the formula coats my lashes very nicely without the dreaded clumping, flaking, smudging, or spidery effect. My hard to curl lashes keep some of their shape for the day with only one coat. As for the 24 hrs claim, I’m unsure. It does holdup for 13-14 hrs, after which I remove it.

Another benefit is that because of the non-smudging and non-flaking formula, my chronically dry – contact lens wearing eyes don’t get irritated. Big bonus in the dusty workplace in which I spend 8-10 hrs a day staring at a computer.

Available from Shoppers Drug Mart and the Lise Watier website for around $22 CA.

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