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Something to Walkabout

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I love these. They remind me of a lower heeled style that I wore in the 1980’s as a child. The shoes made me feel so pretty and grown-up. I’m having a lot of trouble resisting these. $68.99 US on ModCloth.

Something to Walkabout Heel | Mod Retro Vintage Heels |

Winsome Style Dress

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Winsome Style Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses |

I love this dress even though it’s a completely inappropriate colour for both my life and work. The red is a great contrast, but the white is a disaster waiting to happen for this worker in a mineral exploration and camp services business. I would’ve jumped on this had it been in black or navy and red. $99.99 on ModCloth.

Elegance at Its Best Full Slip

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Elegance at Its Best Full Slip in Peach | Mod Retro Vintage Underwear |

I really need one of these. Everyone’s been there, but a light source shining behind me resulting in a see-through dress sucks. Not as bad as the time I walked four blocks down Main Street with my skirt tucked into my pantyhose, but still a malfunction. The four blocks down a busy summer street with my ass hanging out finally ended when a kind passerby clued me in.

Available on Modcloth in ivory, peach, and black for $47 US. The sizes range from an extra-small to 3X.

River Rocks Dress

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River Rocks Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses |

Here’s a dress that’s excellent to wear to work on a hot day. Our office is unair-conditioned and the brief summer season can be torturous. At $47.99 US and an unbelievably cheap shipping charge of $4.05 US to Canada, I’m actively debating whether to order another dress. Can be found on ModCloth.


I’m also mulling over About the Artist, $52.99 US on Modcloth. I love it and find it really cute, but I just can’t make up my mind about the ruffles down the front of the dress. I’m rather large busted and I worry that it might look weird. Are they flat enough and spaced well? Or will they accentuate the wrong area?

I Behaved

With Only a Wink Dress in Peridot | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses |

I really, really want it. The colour, the cut, the detail at the neck… The With Only a Wink Dress in Peridot $139.99 US on ModCloth. I’m trying to behave, I’m trying to give my credit card a break.

Portrait of a Fashionista Dress in Crimson

Portrait of a Fashionista Dress in Crimson

Dress number two from my recent order to ModCloth, the Portrait of a Fashionista Dress in Crimson. This one cost me $47.99 US, a very reasonable price. I was evidently in a red mood when shopping because two-thirds of my order was in red. Shipping to Canada for all three purchases combined was $7.45 US.

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