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I’ve Been a Bad Bad Girl

I have a bad habit. I’m a real sucker for subscription clubs. Cosmetics and now shoes. Hmm. Living in the sticks does have its advantages, it gives me an excuse to shop on-line. After having a positive experience with ShoeMint, I decided to give ShoeDazzle a go. It’s similar to ShoeMint, except half the price and not leather. The credits $39.95 US and shipping is $9 to Canada. The credits are charged to your credit card the first five days of the month unless you skip the month.

I’m a little concerned about the quality. The shoes are not made from leather and my past experiences with non-leather shoes have been negative. Life up here can have harsh conditions; there is a lot of salt and gravel on the roads during the winter and our smaller town only has sidewalks downtown. We can alternate between intense heat and pouring rain during the spring, summer, and fall. I will probably only wear these at work and conferences and wear flats when bopping around town. 

I splurged on a trifecta: the red, black, and cobalt blue. The Malika is a pre-order and they will not be shipped until April 4. Fine by me, there is still a couple of feet of snow and salt outside and spring is taunting me from afar.

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