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Ah ShoeMint. They make shoes I truly cannot resist. Meet Lorena, one of this month’s selections. Including shipping, my bill came to just shy of $100 CA ($79.98 in the US with free US shipping). Also available in Blush with black trim, Lorena is made from suede and has a 5″ heel with 1″ platform (ruh roh). There is a zipper up the back and lace-up front. I see this well-styled with some of my vintage flavoured dresses.

A Chance of Showers Skirt

A Chance of Showers Skirt | Mod Retro Vintage Skirts |

A pretty one, the only drawback is the price is slightly higher than I am willing to pay at this time for a skirt. At $89.99 US, the cost has hit  the amount I’m comfortable paying for a dress at this time. It sucks, but my wardrobe is in low quantities and dire quality and I have to pay the piper for everything from underwear, casual, business, dress, and shoes. Bit by bit is working for me so far. I don’t want to go completely nuts and use credit, especially on something that I can easily sew at home and make duplicates for the same amount of money. I do like the silhouette and pattern of the fabric, this skirt has a retro vibe I really like.


Hello. Here’s a short post to introduce myself. I am a 35 year old married mother of one in north western British Columbia. This blog will be about my interests in cosmetics (specifically my quest for the perfect red nail polishes and lipsticks) and retro sewing. I am jumping back into sewing after a disasterous senior secondary sewing project and want to rebuild my closet after a weight gain. Here’s hoping that I will be productive in this aspect this year.

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