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Another Bear Misbehaving

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Bear pulls corpse from car near Kamloops –  News – MSN CA.

A bear pulled a corpse from a car near Kamloops, BC. He had a snack and then buried it, as black bears do. A hunter discovered the body and contacted the RCMP. In the meantime, the bear moved the body and buried it at a new location just to keep everyone awake. The RCMP found drugs and alcohol within the vehicle, and they believe the man was dead before the bear hauled him out of the car. Apparently it’s going to be one of those years wildlife-wise.

Weird Canadian News

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B.C. man fined $6,000 for feeding ‘pot bears’ –  News – MSN CA.

Seriously. A man was feeding over two dozen black bears to protect and guard his marijuana grow operation. He treated them like friendly pets and fed them over $200 a week in dog food. When the next summer after his arrest had ended, 17 bears in the Christina Lake area had to be destroyed due to aggressive and familiar behaviour. It’s not really known for sure how many of these bears are the pot bears, B.C. conservation officers suspect many of them were. Bears protecting pot… only in BC.

Bear drags Winnipeg man from camp outhouse

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Bear drags Winnipeg man from camp outhouse – Thunder Bay – CBC News.

As I say goodbye to my husband and son as they head out to camp for the Minerals North Conference, I am reminding them to close the outhouse door! On a more serious note, he’s lucky his friend was paying attention and armed or he would be dead right now.

Strange New Leaf-Nosed Bat Found in Vietnam

Strange New Leaf-Nosed Bat Found in Vietnam.

This is a fascinating little critter. I find it beautiful in a strange way, and I’ve been going back to this picture over and over. The scientist think that the protrusions may help this species in echolocation and finding its prey. The article also says they are quite docile animals. I wonder what it’s nose feels like to touch?

A Diversion of the Moose Kind

This dude was in our work compound today, happily stripping the tree of its bark for his lunch. The guys were within 10-15 feet of him, and he would just roll his eyes and keep snacking. Sometimes they can charge you, but he was in a mellow mood. Look at all the snow we still have up here! This was a mild winter too.

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